Recent Publications

E. Wheat, G. Shanbhag, M. Vlasea
The master sinter curve and its application to binder jetting additive manufacturing
Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 2020
B. Marzbanrad, E. Toyserkani, H. Jahed
Customization of residual stress induced in cold spray printing
Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 2020
R. Esmaeilizadeh, A. Keshavarzkermani, U. Ali, B. Behravesh, A. Bonakdar, H. Jahed, E. Toyserkani
On the Effect of Laser Powder-Bed Fusion Process Parameters on Quasi-Static and Fatigue Behaviour of Hastelloy X: A Microstructure/Defect Interaction Study
Additive Manufacturing, 2020