Software for design, path planning, optimization, and controls

Often a weak link in the additive manufacturing process is the software tools that allow you to both simulate and design your part to meet the machine characteristics and easily support the structures and setup your build quickly. The MSAM research team is looking to revolutionize this process through tools that will allow for quick and easy manipulation of part properties and integration of the simulation strategies that are being developed.

MSAM has developed a plugin for the PowerMill Autodesk to generate automatic toolpath for laser cladding and additive manufacturing. The plugin offers:

  • Advanced laser cladding and additive manufacturing on free-form and scanned surfaces
  • Automatic collision checking as a part of toolpath engine
  • Post machining of additively manufactured parts

Key benefits:

  • Simple input data
  • Simulation of additive process
  • Repair or modification of parts (Support for scanned parts-No CAD model is required)