Evan Wheat

Evan Wheat

Current Employer: Angstrom Engineering Inc
Evan Wheat

Academic History at MSAM

  • RA (2017-2018)
  • MASC (2015-2017)
  • URA (Winter 2015)
  • URA (Fall 2014)
  • Co-op Student (Spring 2014)
  • URA (Winter 2014)
  • Co-op Student (Fall 2013)


  1. E. Wheat, G. Shanbhag, M. Vlasea
    The master sinter curve and its application to binder jetting additive manufacturing
    Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 2020
  2. E. Wheat, M. Vlasea, J. Hinebaugh, C. Metcalfe
    Sinter structure analysis of titanium structures fabricated via binder jetting additive manufacturing
    Materials & Design, 2018