Hamed Asgari

Hamed Asgari, Ph.D.

Research Associate at University of Waterloo
Hamed Asgari

Academic History at MSAM

  • PDF (2017-2020)


  1. M. Salarian, H. Asgari, M. Vlasea
    Pore space characteristics and corresponding effect on tensile properties of Inconel 625 fabricated via laser powder bed fusion
    Materials Science and Engineering:A, 2020
  2. Y. Huang, M. Ansari, H. Asgari, M. Farshidianfar, D. Sarkar, M. Khamesee, E. Toyserkani
    Rapid prediction of real-time thermal characteristics, solidification parameters and microstructure in laser directed energy deposition (powder-fed additive manufacturing)
    Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 2019
  3. S. Bakhshivash, H. Asgari, P. Russo, F. Dibia, M. Ansari, A. Gerlich, E. Toyserkani
    Printability and microstructural evolution of Ti-5553 alloy fabricated by modulated laser powder bed fusion
    The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2019
  4. H. Asgari, M. Salarian, H. Ma, A. Olubamiji, M. Vlasea
    On thermal expansion behavior of invar alloy fabricated by modulated laser powder bed fusion
    Materials & Design, 2018