Haniyeh Fayazfar

Haniyeh Fayazfar, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor at Ontario Tech University
Haniyeh Fayazfar

Academic History at MSAM

  • PDF (2016-2020)
  • RA (2020-2020)


  1. H. Fayazfar, F. Liravi, U. Ali, E. Toyserkani
    Additive manufacturing of high loading concentration zirconia using high-speed drop-on-demand material jetting
    The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2020
  2. U. Ali, H. Fayazfar, F. Ahmed, E. Toyserkani
    Internal surface roughness enhancement of parts made by laser powder-bed fusion additive manufacturing
    Vacuum, 2020
  3. E. Davoodi, H. Fayazfar, F. Liravi, E. Jabari, E. Toyserkani
    Drop-on-Demand High-Speed 3D Printing of Flexible Milled Carbon Fiber/Silicone Composite Sensors for Wearable Biomonitoring Devices
    Additive Manufacturing, 2020
  4. H. Fayazfar, M. Salarian, A. Rogalsky, D. Sarkar, P. Russo, V. Paserin, E. Toyserkani
    A critical review of powder-based additive manufacturing of ferrous alloys: Process parameters, microstructure and mechanical properties
    Materials & Design, 2018