Paola Russo

Paola Russo

Current Employer: Angstrom Engineering Inc
Paola Russo

Academic History at MSAM

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  1. S. Bakhshivash, H. Asgari, P. Russo, F. Dibia, M. Ansari, A. Gerlich, E. Toyserkani
    Printability and microstructural evolution of Ti-5553 alloy fabricated by modulated laser powder bed fusion
    The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2019
  2. H. Fayazfar, M. Salarian, A. Rogalsky, D. Sarkar, P. Russo, V. Paserin, E. Toyserkani
    A critical review of powder-based additive manufacturing of ferrous alloys: Process parameters, microstructure and mechanical properties
    Materials & Design, 2018
  3. P. Russo, R. Liang, E. Jabari, E. Marzabrand, E. Toyserkani, Y. Zhou
    Single-step synthesis of graphene quantum dots by femtosecond laser ablation of graphene oxide dispersions
    Nanoscale, 2016