Richard Liang

Richard Liang

Co-Founder & CTO at AOMS Technologies Inc.
Richard Liang

Academic History at MSAM

  • RA (2015-2016)
  • MASC (2012-2014)


  1. Z. Jiao, S. Peterkin, L. Felix, R. Liang, J. Oliveira, N. Schell, N. Scotchmer, E. Toyserkani, Y. Zhou
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    Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 2018
  2. P. Russo, R. Liang, E. Jabari, E. Marzabrand, E. Toyserkani, Y. Zhou
    Single-step synthesis of graphene quantum dots by femtosecond laser ablation of graphene oxide dispersions
    Nanoscale, 2016
  3. A. Azhari, R. Liang, E. Toyserkani
    A novel fiber Bragg grating sensor packaging design for ultra-high temperature sensing in harsh environments
    Measurement Science and Technology, 2014